Height is not an issue...
It's about being in control

Rope Access - work at height solutions

In the industry both onshore as offshore, Rope Access  gained it's trust. As the jobs can be performed in a safe and efficient way the use of Rope Access technics took a big role in a wide range of workscopes. 

In the Construction industry rope access is less known there the conventional way of working at height with scaffolds and manbaskets are still the common way of working.

Although Rope Access is very efficient and in certain situations way more safe it still has to gain trust with the engineers, project planners and project leaders. At that point Arquée plays it's role. To inform construction companies the other way of working which also leads to reducing costs. 

Just a small example:

to work at height we can build a scaffold. as long as the scaffold can be just for a longer period and with multiple disciplines on the construction side. the scaffold represents a efficient way of access. 

But. if a specific job needs to be executed with a limited time-frame and or with several different workspots in the same or different areas, a scaffold  loses it's benefit. The time to build and take down the scaffold and the time people are working on height with the risk of falling makes the scaffold overrated and wil Rope Access easily show it's added value.

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