Height is not an issue..
               It's about being in control!!

Where we stand for?

The answer to this question is devided into 3 elements.

1.) Roots
2.) Education
3.) Experience

1.) As a person I was raised with the basics in Respect for others and be honest no matter what!!! To which I 100% stand for.
As for my character I'm focused on achieving the best or strive for the best results with an overview for the total picture. I always try to get to my goal without mistreating the persons involved in my quest. A challenge I only practice with proper communication and eye for the goals from everyone involved. No cutting corners, when striving for the best together, the more satisfying the results are.

2.) With a educational background in the retail sector, Marketing management Diplomas, Rope Access and Rigging certificates. I've a wide range of know-how what I use to enter the market.

3.) Because of  no. 1 and 2 I've been giving the opportunities to show my know-how in a wide range of branches. Started as sales associate to Retail management, Personnel manager, Company manager,. Projectleader, Teamleader, Coordinator and Construction Manager.
In the beginning it all started as a employee after which I started my 1 company in the outdoor sports and event in 2004.